Block Paving Garden Steps

We have laid many block paving garden steps over the years. Steps can be an integral part of many gardens, especially in a sloping or uneven environment. They make garden pathways so you are able to get around the garden safely. Steps in a garden can also be a really nice feature and enhance the look of your property and even add monetary value to it.

If your garden is on a slope, we can build some block paving steps to help make it easier to get around your outdoor space. We often lay block paving steps with sleepers which have gained in popularity recently.

    Our block paving steps are usually built as part of an overall project. They are usually replacing old steps in a garden or we build them to lead up to an elevated part of a garden. It is unusual for us to just build these steps as a standalone project, but we have done in the past.


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    Customer Feedback

    Commercial CustomerSt Albans

    Our restaurant was in need of some new steps to lead from our garden area to the patio doors of our dining area. We also needed a small patio area paved and decided after consultation to go for the block paving option. This was definitely the right choice. It looks brilliant and also seems pretty durable too.

    Domestic CustomerSt. Albans

    As part of my garden renovation I wanted some steps to be added in order to lead to the elevated part of my garden, rather than a turfed slope. I am so so happy with this and with the new block paved patio area the garden steps are a lovely new feature that is not only more convenient but also looks so much better.

    Domestic CustomerSt Albans, Hertfordshire

    The driveway at the front of my property is well beow the level of my house and so I was looking for some new steps to make life easier for me. It is hard to explain but previosuly there was a sloping path that leads to the front door but in cold weather it can become icy and very dangerous. I had St Albans Block Paving build new steps for me and I am absolutely gob smacked at how great they are.

    Block Paved Steps

    Building block paved steps in your garden can add that class look and feel to your property. We use various materials and designs, but block paving which creates a beautiful unique look to any home, is by far the most popular choice.

    Steps are not the easiest to build but as you can see from our photos on this page, we are able of build to any shape, colour or design that is asked for.

    block paved steps